Faster customer checkout without the cost

It is ever challenging to provide quick customer service while keeping operational cost down. With our affordable and easy to use Open Sales POS system, you’ll be able to provide both fast checkout for your customers and redirect your resources on providing the best customer experience. Our point of sale system can operate as cashier mode or self-serve kiosk mode with a simple touch of a button.


Supported payment systems

  • clover payments
  • ingenico payments
  • stripe payments

Open Sales Features

Low operating cost

Support for wide variety of devices means you don't have to purchase proprietary equipment.

User friendly

Our simple user interface allows you to do rapid changes without needing to learn any programming. Simply click, type, and save.

Multi site support

Manage all your restaurants,fast food trucks, or retail stores in a single portal. Create unique items or promotions by site.

Customer support

We provide 24/7 coverage on all our products. Just so happens you decide to do changes at 2am, we are here to help.