Empower and engage with your customers

Seen in every store more than ever, digital menu board is the key to transform a restaurant, food truck, and even retail with eye catching displays. Traditionally, it is very time consuming updating your menus or signage, but with our update anywhere system, all changes can be done instantly without having to physically be at the site. Schedule different menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner or create time limited promotions without any effort. Our system is tailored to fit all your store needs. Contact us to get started.


Open Menu Features

Uniquely crafted for you

Each digital menu board/signage is created to match your branding. Let our designer create the customer experience you always wanted.

User friendly

Our simple user interface allows you to do rapid changes without needing to learn any programming. Simply click, type, and save.

Multi site support

Manage all your restaurants,fast food trucks, or retail stores in a single portal. Create unique menu items or promotions by site.

Customer support

We provide 24/7 coverage on all our products. Just so happens you decide to do changes at 2am, we are here to help.